_About us


/ Where???

/ PARAZIT Fashionshop , Karlova 25, 110 00 Prague 1, in arcade [Alternatiff Area] near Malé náměstí, 50m from Staroměstské náměstí (Oldtown square)

/ Who???

/ Limited edition made by students and budding young fashion designers in conjunction with fashion shows – Czech & Slovak unique design

/ Why???

/ Because clothing is not merely about practicability. We see clothes as a possible means of expressing our personality, sense of humour and creativity. Because we are tired of the inexpressive dullness of ready-made clothing in Czech streets and we want to play.
Because we  don’t want to blend in with the crowd. We aspire to look different.
Because we want to wear something unique and do not care about the invaried deja vu of Czech streets any more. We are aware of our originality and we are not going to be ashamed of it. We treat each one of our outfits with love and care..
Because fashion is one of the means of communication. Our outfit is like a banner expressing our attitude to life and the world around.
Because, as Nicolas Cage said in the film „Wild at heart“ by David Lynch : „This snakeskin jacket represents a symbol of my individuality , and a belief in personal freedom“

/ What do we offer???

/ Countless numbers of fashion styles in which you can find yourself.
Limited editions by students, young designers and simply all who have a fancy for designing.
Colours, sassy cuts, outfits and accessories that can be funky and stylish at the same time, exciting but functional, tomboyish and comfy, extravagant, yet  affordable.
Retro, stree twear, haute couture, pop-art,  and the latest fads of graphic design. Accessories and gifts.

/ Who is it for???

/ For everyone  who has the courage to go against the dictate of fashion and instead of blindly following the trends seeks to define his or her own dress code.
For people with a desire to be themselves and with an appetite  for experimentation.
For ladies and gentleman who want to be visualized.

/ Video: Parazit style fashion show - 31.1.2005 NoD.Roxy

/ Video: Parazine  [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKhOLNh7pZA]

/ PARAZIT FashionShop, Karlova 25, Praha 1, v pasáži [Alternatiff Area] u Malého náměstí, 50m od Staroměstského náměstí

Otevřeno Po - Ne 12:oo-19:oo

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