/  The 1.12.2012 on the occasion of the 8th birthday of PARAZIT Fashionshop, we are launching our first mobile application - the self-published multi-genre zine called PARAZINE.
PARAZINE presents a 3D walk-through gallery “PARAZINE 3D” conjoined with 2D catalogue, which you can download for free to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. 

We offer an open virtual space for designers, photographers, musicians and other artists.

/ The very first issue is called PARAZIT ISSUE as it focuses on long-term friends and favourites of PARAZIT Fashion Shop. It portrays 5 designers – Catapult, Deaf Messanger, Hůza Design, Jelení Šperky and Yana Thal, fashion photographer Nikola Šrajerová and music band N.O.H.A. All written by independent bloggers from Jedenáct koček and brought to life by 3DA.

PARAZINE strives to be your visual antidote to cultural ennui. Take your antidote pill and enjoy the ride :)

/ / Link na PARAZINE 2D Katalog  [[https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/parazine/id539541583?l=cs&ls=1&mt=8]]

/ / Link na PARAZINE 3D Gallery  [[https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/parazine-3d/id539550178?l=cs&ls=1&mt=8]]

/ [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qJr0LE5HOg]

/ PARAZIT FashionShop, Karlova 25, Praha 1, v pasáži [Alternatiff Area] u Malého náměstí, 50m od Staroměstského náměstí

Otevřeno Po - Ne 12:oo-19:oo

_email: [info(at)parazit.cz]

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